Welcome to our Automated Request for Acord Certificates web page.


At this time, only Certificates of Insurance for our Condominium, Townhome or

Homeowners Association clients are available via our website. For further

assistance please contact Rosenthal Bros. at 847-940-4300 or use our FAQ Page

To request a Acord certificate there are 3 quick steps.

1. Find your Condo Association by entering the name in the search box. Partial names are allowed. For example 123 High-Rise is a close enough match for 123 High-Rise Condo Association. If more than 1 Condo Association matches your search, scroll through the list and click on your association to highlight it. 

2. Fill in your demographic information for the Certificate on the Certificate Data Form. Choose the method of how you would like to receive the form, Web Print, Fax or Mail.

3. Submit the form for processing and print the form if you have chosen Web Print.

Enter Association Search:


Enter Condo Association Name or at least the first part of the name.